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Machines are so tight here u might as well hand ur money to the homeless ppl rather then this greedy casino u wont win anything, ur money will go down so fast u will regret ever coming here, this is highway robbery without a gun. how is it this casino can stay in business robbing ppl are so hard?1
Horrible casino and i live 3 miles away. I have never won a penny. Lose 200$ each time. Slots and 21 is what i play. Morongo, Saboba, and even Vegas is worth the trip. Ill never visit again.1
9/9/2010 I went and sat at the blackjack table. I thought it was Interesting that I played thirty hands, and, my hands always ended between 15 to 19, and the dealer would end every hand between 18 and 20. The dealer only busted once. And, I never, ever, received two face cards in any single hand. It seems mathmatically impossible!!1
Horrible place to play. Machines are very tight. Run do not walk from here. Even if it is closer than other casinos make the drive away from San Manuel. They make it seem that they are so nice and giving to the community. But when they so call donate 100k its like a penny to them. Do not feel sorry for them. The commercials they run make it look like Santos Manuel is still running for his life. But just look at the Mansions above the casino. They are doing fine.1
It is a loser1
Excellent location, good food at Sports Grill, but not worth the $$$ lost in machines - very tight to a point of boring.5
never win bring back the old casino1
I agree, I will never visit San Manuel again.7
Visited today 9 6 08 was there for 30 minutes and lost $2OO.00. Had been a long time customer until new casino was built. You could not win no matter what you played. Need to change 5 cent machines to pennies, they would get a lot more customers. I now attend Augustine Casino The machines let you win and the customer service is excellent.THEY GIVE ME A LOT OF FREE PLAY.2
Visited today 9 6 08 was there for 30 minutes and lost $2OO.00. Had been a long time customer until new casino was built. You could not win no matter what you played. Need to change 5 cent machines to pennies, they would get a lot more customers. I now attend Augustine Casino The machines let you win and the customer service is excellent.THEY GIVE ME A LOT OF FREE PLAY.2
You can never go home a winner at this place. I have never seen machines this tight!1
I visited today (6/7/08) and lost $50. The most that I won was $20 on a $1 machine. The nickel and quarter machines did not pay anything worthwhile. While I have yet to win anything big, at least at Pechanga and Morongo I could play a bit longer for the same amount. It was very busy being Saturday night but manageable. I tried the "Big Night Out" at the Serrano buffet. The lobster tails and king crab legs were worth the $20, but the prime rib was very tough. 5
Visited today (6-12-07) was there for 30 minutes and lost $150. Had been a long time customer until new casino was built. You could not win no matter what you played. Need to change 5 cent machines to pennies, they would get a lot more customers. I now attend Augustine Casino and Red Earth Casino in Salton Sea Beach, California. The machines let you win and the customer service is excellent!!!! San Manuel need to take a page from these casinos on how to treat your customers and how to let them win.1
this place the people are rude and I do not like the way they treat customers. bad facility, bad staff, bad payout. Machines are very tight and cold. No return.1
Listen folks,I work at this casino but not for too much longer!!! Here is the real deal-YOU DONT HAVE A CHANCE AT WINNING!!!! The things I have seen here are unbeleivable!!! For instance,try and get rated here for your play-its impossible when supervisors just let your card sit there for hours.On their behalf they are way to understaffed.This casino is all about GREED!! They wont hire more supervisors because it would cost too much!! This casino is totally not regulated so they can get away with pretty much anything!! I have worked here for a years and have seen NO WINNERS!! If you want to gamble seriously,take the trip across desert to the real place-VEGAS!! Hell,I have been to the GOLD SPIKE CASINO downtown in Vegas and had a much better experience.If you like to throw your money away,then send a cheque to San Manuel.It will save you the hassle of driving up there and be disillusioned about the chances of your winning!!! 1
worst experience ever dropped 300 dollars in less than 3 hours with nothing in return machines are tight didnt see anyone winning will never return1
IF YOU LIKE TO LOSE MONEY, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU.There is no possible way you can win in the Casino. Sorry, if you play Bingo you have a chance. 1
Being retired, we visit local casinos on a regular basis but we will never go back to San Manuel. Half the machines were roped off or shut down, no drink service at all and so crowded (Tues morning) because not all machine available. What a joke!! We use to have fun in old casino but not now. Give me Morongo any day or for a real treat, Barono is the best for customer service in So. Ca.1
Waited almost 2 hours for a waitress, and then I had to ask a housekeeping person to find one for me. Rude personnel, was asked to cash out on machine while they did their audit, No casino in Vegas would ever ask you to cash out in the middle of your game! Machines are very tight and cold. No return.2
went once. lost 400.00 on slots in less than 2 hrs. was NEVER asked if i wanted a drink,soda or ANYTHING at all....... same machines at the spa in palm springs pay more for the same win combinations. NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!! place sucks.1
If anyone is considering going to San Manuel to make money...forget it!!! This place will take your money faster than any other casino around. Not only have I never won, I have NEVER seen anyone else win( $100or more). Save your money and either go to Vegas or one of the other local casinos.2
My friend and I went to San Manuel on a Saturday night. We drove up from L.A., and it was very difficult to find the casino as there is road work being done in that area and the directions were wrong. The parking structure was full and we had to drive around for 15 minutes looking for a place to park. The casino was so, so crowded and every single slot machine was being used with people waiting behind them hoping to get a seat. We eventually found seats at the Sports Bar and played video poker. I must say the best part of our visit was the bartender who was very accomodating and even brought us food from the SportsWatch Grill. He was great. Otherwise it was a long drive for a waste of time.2
If you look at there new casino, it is beautiful. If was built on all of the losers from their old casino.No regulated Casino who are crooks. Stop by and just watch, no winners. Once in a while someone hit a good slot. Have to keep the patron interested. Very few winners.1
A great place to throw away your money. Staff is a joke, low level service, if you can call this place having service, and total greed by this Casino. Non regulated, and there is no chance of winning here.1
If you want to get ripped off, this is the place to go. Non regulated Casino that thrives in ripping you off.1
I had been to San Manuel Casino several times. The last time that I went, I was disappointed. The place is nice but machines were not paying out nor did I see anyone winning. I won't go there again.2
I have been going to this casino for over 3 years and in the last year I've won several jackpots on their Caveman Keno and a few on the dollar Cleopatra. Well, those days are gone now that we've built the new casino. They picked the least paying and worst caveman keno machines they could find and put them in the new one. Not to mention if you don't have a reservation with a friend who's been there for hours trying to win, you'll never get a machine. God forbid you need to go to the bathroom when you return the "slot police" would've already removed your ticket and given your machine away because you went over your "5min" limit. It's crazy. The service on the floor is worst than it's ever been. You sit for hours and loose your money and then when you go to the bar to get a "soda" they darn near want to see a ticket in order for you to get it free. They shortly stopped charging for sodas at the bar once patrons kept complaining. But come on guys, you can serve us booze to ease the pain of loosing, at least give us sodas free and enough of them so you don't get parched at the throat. That casino was built exclusively for The Tribal because the only machines that pay out consistantly are in their "High Limit" lounge. Oh, by the way don't go in there broke and just want to look at people winning because they'll gladly ask you to leave especially if you're standing by tribal. So wear your feather and have plenty of green in your pocket. Ha, what they call a High Limit room is a joke, it's the only High Limit room in a casino I've ever seen where you can actually play $1 slots. The only thing in the High Limit room that has a limit is how long you stand around without feeding their machines. I've gone to Soboba, Pechanga and The Pala in the last few weeks and have won more jackpots then I've seen San Manuel pay out on nickle slots since the new casino has been open. We helped build it, now we have to help keep it open cause there aren't enough tribal that go to pay the montly bills. We the customers have to keep it going and we can't even get a smile with the soda that you finally do get after a 2-3 hours wait. Oh, and the parking, oh my God how many casinos have you gone to and their Valet Parking is always closed....only San Manuel. They should've put new carpet, new paint and kept the old casino at least the machines were on the customers side.2
I've been going to San Manuel Casino for 3 years and have won nice size jackpots on their Caveman Keno. Now that the new casino is open it seems as though the picked out the worst paying keno machines they had in the old building. You not only have to wait hours for one you have to fight other patrons just to keep it. Don't dare go to the restroom and stay over 5 minutes you'll probably get arrested by the slot police by the time you get back. The service sucks, no alcohol so you feel the pain as you loose your money. The only slots that seem to pay consistantly are those set up for their precious trible members in the High Limit room. God forbid you hang around in there too long eyeing the people that are winning and wondering why you aren't because you'll get asked to leave if you don't have enough money to look. Bring your own water or soda (if you can sneak it in) cause getting a drink while you're playing is like waiting on that BIG ONE to hit and you loose before that happens. I'd rather pay the high prices for gas and drive to Pechanga, Soboba or even The Pala because they care whether you drink, eat or even win. I went to Soboba last week and in 2 hours hit 2 jackpots over 2,000 each on nickle slots and only walked in with $180.00. So San Manuel, you can keep your high priced food, rude drink servers, unconcerned customer service staff (some of them) and you no paying policy and maybe the few tribal that do gamble in their will help keep it open since it was built for them and not your customers.2
I will never go back to this place the people are rude and I do not like the way they treat customers. I will go Vegas before I come back here.7
The only thing I liked about the new casino was the convenience from the parking lot. Not enough $.25 machines and heaven forbid you have a problem on a machine. In 6 hours only saw 1 technician and 1 change person. I'll drive further to go to other casinos before going back to this place.2
I have been going to San Manuel for several years and have loved it. But I do not like the new casino. The machines I'm used to playing and winning on are gone or just a fraction is there. It is built like a Vegas casino and it is very easy to lose your sense of direction and not find the stairway. The machines will pay small amounts but I haven't seen too many nice jackpots like I used to see in the old casino. The old casino was extremely exciting and have a lot of fun there. The new casino is more for tourists and bingo players4
I was so excited to see the new casino and I felt very disappointed and will never go to this casino again. My fellow gambler agreed. THe machines were old; there weren't many video machines and the ones that they had were older food court left alot to be desired also. Casino hard to find - signs too small. Give me the Pechanga any time...or the Chumash for that matter...or Fantasy Springs.2
Since the opening this past January and a long time patron, I just love the new casino. I mainly play poker, but the new casino does give the slot player a great choices. The buffet is very nice, a little pricely, but the food is good. The only complaint I can see, they need to add more BJ tables and inprove the parking situration.9
even the face lift to this casino wont change a 1 rate tried 10 slots not one hit went to 1machine big goose egg let it rot1
I have been there once and it was enough. The place looks like a worst Las Vegas casino imaginable look good. Horrible parking condition due to construction, bad air, bad facility, bad staff, bad payout, just bad, bad, bad... Some BJ table was so worn out, it had cigarette burns, holes, food stains etc. Cocktail service was nowhere to be found. What a shitty place!1
nice casino but undergoing construction. bingo suck's here. Bingo announcers think they are on stage, can't understand lingo. I was not the only one. Everyone in my section was commenting on the confusing announcers. Non smoking area was upstairs in a giant room. All the smoke was up in the non-smoking area. Not enough slot machine's. Not enough change cages to redeem your "vouchers". Too small a place for the amount of people that wait in line for a slot machine. You need to stand in line to do almost anything at this casino, including getting a ride to and from the parking lot. Slot machine's are tight in PM hours and tend to pay off in early AM hours.5
Worst casino I have ever been in. No, REAL Keno, not enough machines, to many $5.00 machines. Bingo stinks too.1
San Manuel is in the middle of construction for the new Casino. I had to park up the hill which was little confusing. There was free coffee there and the shuttle left every five minutes. The Shuttle drivers were friendly. The Player’s Club required a form to join. They also put your picture on the card. There are not enough .25 slots, too many $5.00 slots. Some of the staff was not as friendly as some other Casinos. Restrooms were not as nice as some other casinos. It is the closest Indian Casino to Los Angeles, and it is easy to find once you have been there once. It is very close to Highway 30. 6
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