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The gambling in the California

Posted by on Jul 4, 2016 in California, Casinos, Gambling

    There are around 69 California Indian casinos as well as 90 casinos for poker. Out of those 69 casinos, there are 50 Indian casinos, three small aka mini casinos and 15 Casino resorts.

   The gambling law in the state of California is pretty severe, and the first casinos emerged only after the law was passed that enabled the Indian tribes to build casinos on their land. This isn’t a case when it comes to poker. Poker rooms were active since 1850 and in no law ever made the poker illegal. The lottery in the California was legalized in 1984 when the ruling government passed the law that established the state lottery. The race track gambling was legalized in 1933 and the law concerning it never changed.

    In 2000 the law emerged that allowed Native American tribes to open casinos on their land. But for a tribe to open a casino, they have to negotiate a compact which is a license. Every treaty is different because it contains all information on how much the tribe that owns the casino is going to pay to the tribes that own none as well as how much of the money will go into different sectors (police, education, health and so on).

    The majority of the compacts allow casinos to have card games (Class 1) and slot machines and bingo (type 2). Roulette and craps are still illegal as they use balls and dice. Different variations of these games that use cars exist in those casinos.

Pechanga Resort and Casino is one of the biggest Indian casinos in the California, and it is located in Temecula. The building was built in 2002, and it has the largest floor of all casinos in the state (no building in Las Vegas has a floor as big as this).

   Right now the complex has over 3400 slot machines, 123 tables for games, an area for high-rollers and much more. The complex also has a hotel with over 500 suites, health spa, golf court, several restaurants, and the showroom for over 100 people and so on.

   AN expansion worth 285 million dollars is underway. This development concerns the hotel which will receive over 500 rooms (around a third of which will be suites). The expansion also includes a new spa, salon as well as fitness center, a four-acre complex of pools and a brand new events center.

Cache Creek Casino Resort is another large Indian Casino is California. The casino is just under 75 thousand square-feet where you can find 2400 slot machines (200 of which are in non-smoking part) and 122 table games. The casino also features 14 high stakes tables (12 blackjacks and two baccarat tables) in the special area.

   The resort also has 200 luxury rooms, spa, gym, pool, golf course as well as over half a dozen of restaurants that offer everything from Italian to Chinese cuisine.

    The gambling in the California is second to only the gambling in Nevada. But considering the number of tribes that haven’t opened a casino, the number may yet grow.

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